Cibus 600 LTS Pba-Pbb

“Box Motion” flow-wrapper with top or bottom reel holder particularly suitable to wrap food products.

Speed up to 60 bags/min
Product height up to 120 mm
Bag width up to 290 mm
Film reel width up to 600 mm

• Cantilever mainframe in aluminium and RAL 9007 paintedsteel with stainless steel covers.
• All parts in contact with the product are in AISI 304 stainlesssteel.
• Paddle wheel conveyor belt 2000 mm long.
• Food grade plastic rapid extraction product pushers.
• Longitudinal sealing unit with two pairs of drive wheels andone pair of sealing wheels.
• Box Motion cross sealing unit with 300 mm jaws.
• Pneumatic driven jaw.
• Independent temperature adjustment for top cross sealer, bottom cross sealer, pre-heating bars and longitudinal sealing wheels.
• Cross sealing unit with electronic security clutch.
• Adjustable or fixed forming tunnel.

• Motorized reel holder (only PBB version).

• Reel holder with air expanding shaft for reels up to 600 mmin width.
• 1000 mm output conveyor belt.
• Brushless independent motors for each axis:
  - Cross sealing unit motion
  - Cross sealing unit closing
  - Longitudinal sealing wheels
  - Conveyor belt
• Motorization on the output conveyor belt.
• Machine stop in phase with sealers opening.
• 7” colour touch-screen control panel to set up speed, bag length, temperature and product synchronization.
• Machine built according to CE standards.

Reel widthBag width
Cibus 600 LTS up to 600 mm up to 290 mm
Cibus 700 LTS up to 700 mm up to 340 mm

- Photocell for print registration.
- Conveyor belt extension.
- Pitch adjustment on the conveyor belt.
- Left/righr version.
- Rotary printing device.
- Motorized reel holder (only PBA version).
- No product no bag photocell.
- Flat input conveyor belt with photocell (only PBB version).
- Pneumatic pushers for product compression.
- Gas insertion.
- Manual or motorized sealing jaws height adjustmen. 
- Atex certified alcohol supply device.
- Volumetric pump for alcohol supply.
- Additional fixed forming tube.
- Photocell for product detection.
- Film-needling device.
- Markem X40 printer.

Speedup to 60 bags/min
Crimper width300 mm
Product heightup to 120 mm
Bag sizewidth up to 290 mm (Cibus 600); up to 340 mm (Cibus 700)
Film reel widthCibus 600: up to 600 mm; Cibus 700: up to 700 mm
Installed power6 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 PH + PE
Compressed air6 bar
Basic machine weight850 kg

Software for the management and control of packaging machines

The CAESAR software is designed to be integrated with the Imanpack packaging machines. It provides management and control over the entire line via Personal Computer, with both fixed or mobile devices (tablet or smartphone).

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