MCWS-3 Twin Master Scale a machine ideal for fastener packaging in small cartons

Imanpack Packaging & Eco Solutions has delivered a new High-Speed Master Scale, Model MCWS-3 Twin, to a Fastener Manufacturer in Midwest, USA.
This Master Scale will run with Carton Forming and Closing equipment, and is set up to weigh screws and bolts from M4 x 12mm, up to M16 x 140 mm, at 8 – 10 boxes per minute (function of carton formingspeed).
Imanpack’s MCWS-3 Twin model is equipped with 2 Weigh Heads, 2 Pre-Feed Channels, 2 Vibratory Channels for continuous feed, and 2 Gross Feed Channels for the bulkweight. Final Weight is achieved byfine-feed Count, and controlled by a Microprocessor.
The MCWS-3 Twin Master Scale is ideal for fastener packaging in small cartons, upto 1/4 Kegs, and has a production rate of up to 15 cycles per minute.
It canhandle fasteners from M5 x 10 mm up to M22 x 160 mm, and package nuts from M6 –M24. It is also suitable for Washers, Fittings, Plastic Components, etc.

Imanpack manufactures a wide variety of Master Scales and Counting Units, for hardwarepackaging needs, as well as Kit-Packing Systems, Vertical and Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Baggingmachines, and equipment for special applications.

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