One sigle packaging machine multiple applications

VICEVERSA is a small packaging machine specially designed by Imanpack to guarantee multiple types of different applications using the same machine.
The flexibility of solutions is a fundamental demand for markets supplying oven baked products especially bread, where packaging can be of different lengths depending on the type of product.
The unique rotating unit used by VICEVERSA, composed of a forming and sealing unit, allows the operator to load the products both vertically and horizontally, and also in all intermediate positions by simply adjusting the height.
The adjustable forming tunnel, can be used to process different types of packages which vary in width, from a minimum of 10 mm to a maximum of 300 mm, and a maximum length of 1 m.
VICEVERSA can be used to produce up to 25 packages a minute.
The Customer can also choose to equip VICEVERSA with a number of accessories, such as feeder and unloading systems, printers, print centering photocells, European hole punch etc.
For this reason, it is widely requested for applications in the FOOD sector, including bread and pastry based products, and other sectors where flexibility is a core aspect.
is the ideal solution for all Customers who manufacture bread and confectionery products on a daily basis, and need to package them for distribution.
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