Video - Double counting modules line for furniture accessories kits

Packaging lines for kits often require to develop custom solutions to meet peculiar needs for sorting, counting or wrapping. The special request for this line was not to make a single bag with all the mixed pieces inside, as usual, but, because of the high number of items, a bag made of two chain bags in order to keep any item separate from the other.

This machinery includes two counting lines with 8 CMF5 counting modules each, bucket conveyors collecting the pieces and a vertical packaging machine Microvert M700 equipped with forming tube and sealing groups for double line bags. Each item is wrapped into its own pouch, identified by a letter printed on by a film printer.

Imanpack's long standing expertise in designing and building machinery for hardware and kits allows us to effectively meet any sorting, counting and packaging need. Visit our YouTube channel to view more packaging lines for kits or contact us to develop your own.

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