Video - Kit packaging line with KLT carrying system

In more than 40 years of activity we have built several complex packaging lines able to reduce as much as possible the amount of non-compliant products, ensuring speed and accuracy. This installation merges all our experience with the most recent technologies for product checking and process monitoring.

This packaging line for faucet hardware kits with fittings and O-rings includes five counting modules, a vertical packaging machine, a checkweigher and a carrying system for KLT boxes. The whole line is monitored by the Caesar software, developed by Imanpack itself.
A preliminary control allows the counting module line to be fed with the right pieces, rejecting unwanted part. The CMF5 counting modules select one piece at a time and fill the underlying bucket conveyor. The O-rings counting module is equipped with a control video camera and a monitor, in order to constantly verify the product flow. The vertical packaging machine Microvert PRO 200 makes polyethylene bags whose weight is checked by a Dynamic checkweigher able to automatically reject the faulty ones. The line is completed with a carrying system for KLT boxes, used to collect the bags and bring them to the operator at the end of the line.

The line monitoring software Caesar allows to constantly verify how the machinery is working and to get real time statistics about the production, even remotely.

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