Video - MCWS4 Counter-scale and packing system for screws

Imanpack's MCWS4 is a counter/scale particularly suitable for large size hardware, but it can be also used with smaller items, like the screws here shown. This machinery has been designed to pack different size screws, up to 170 mm in length.

Boxes are opened by a case erector and sent to a roller conveyor passing through the whole line, towards the weigher, the box sealing machine and the labeller. The weigher is linked to a feeding hopper by a belt and makes any weighing in conjunction with a counting module for the fine dosing.
Filled boxes are shaked to settle the screws inside, sealed with adhesive tape and finally labelled.

Imanpack machines can be integarted within existing lines, in order to work in sync with upstream and downstream machines. We can provide packaging lines including weighers, carton openers/sealers, box forming machines and, of course, horizontal and vertical packaging machines. 

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