Video - Microvert with special modules for foam lids

For the plastic industry Imanpack has over the years developed many solutions for products feeding and counting, whether they are cups, lids, trays etc. This machine for foam lids has been developed in order to withstands a constant and intense product flow coming from the production line, with four modules collecting lids to be sent to a vertical packaging machine.

Pieces coming from the production line are carried on a conveyor reaching the four modules, whose output channels get to a counting device specifically designed for this machinery, guaranteeing constancy and accuracy in the machine infeed stream. Counted stacks are dropped into the Microvert PRO 300 to be wrapped in polyethylene.

We have developed many other solutions to load, count and package disposable plastic products in order to meet the needs of our customers, whether they are simple or complex, and some of the most significant are available on our YouTube channel.

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