Video - Multihead weigher and box line

We present here an interesting weighing and packing machinery, notably for the weighing machine.
This system includes a multihead weigher MCWS24, box forming machine MTRF2000 and box closing machine MC2000. There are also a magnetizer and a box labeller.
The multihead weigher features 6 vibrators with 2 loading cells each, mounted on a overhead platform. A hopper stores nails or screws and a magnetic belt leads them to the top of the weigher, where a spinning belt provides products to each vibrator.
The weigher drops two doses at a time so that two boxes are filled for each cycle. As soon as filled, boxes are magnetized and then sent to the closing machine to be sealed and labelled.

Take a look at our YouTube channel, where you will find many other examples of machines suitable for hardware packaging in bags or boxes, from small parts to big sized bearings.

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