Video - Packing line for bottle openers

By linking and syncing two or more machines and devices we can compose packaging lines suitable for almost any product, not only screws, bolts and hardware items.
This machinery allows to wrap bottle openers, put them in carton boxes and use them to fill bigger cartons, requiring just an operator to check the cartons before they are sealed.

In this line there are a flow-wrapper, a cartoner, a pick & place robot and a box taping machine. The flow wrapper Micropack PRO for heat sealing film wraps the bottle openers and then bags are counted by a photocell and collected into a basket. 12 bags fill a carton box formed and carried by the cartoner CTV1000. Later, 5 boxes at a time are picked by the AV100 cartesian robot to fill a bigger box containing 15 of them. When filled and checked by the operator that gives its consent by a foot-pedal, the box is ready to be sealed by the automatic taping machine.

Visit our YouTube channel to see many other machinery with packaging machines, cartoners/carton forming machines and robots.

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