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Agents and contacts

Imanpack’s headquarters is in Schio (VI, Italy). The company has built up a worldwide presence with a network of 58 agents and distributors all over the world and technical service points.
Imanpack’s headquarters is in Schio (VI, Italy), in northern Italy. You can see the map visiting this link.
Our agents list is available visiting the page Agents in the Contacts section of our website. AGENTS.

Packaging machines

Imanpack products range includes economic flow-pack machines as well as completely automated packaging systems, managed by custom made microprocessors.
If you already know what kind of packaging your product needs, visit the PACKAGING section and select the most suitable packaging. Click here.
Otherwise, if you prefer to be led by our advanced search engine, access the page FIND YOUR SOLUTION through the MACHINES menu. Click here.
You can find the packaging types list from the PACKAGING menu on the navigation bar or using our advanced search system (Find your packaging). Click here.
GAIA is the subterranean ecological system for differentiated collection of solid urban refuse. For more information visit the Gaia page. Click here.
Caesar is a special software developed by Imanpack to be integrated with the packaging machines and give the customer the possibility to manage and monitor the whole line by means of PCs or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Caesar is able to improve the machines efficiency and allows to manage their performances right from the office or remotely, reducing cost and time.
The possibility to integrate an existing machine with Caesar depends on the installed electronic equipment. Contact us for more information. Click here.


You can both contact us by phone (+39 0445 578811) during office hours and follow the instructions to talk with our Spare Parts Service department or visit our offices. You can find our address at the Contacts page. Click here.
For any emergency you can call our telephone exchange from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (+39 0445 575111). Our technical staff will lead you in the emergency procedure.
Imanpack guarantees its technical service even during holyday periods. You can call us or send us an email for any needs. Vistit our Contacts page. Click here.

Spare parts purchasing

You can purchase spare parts for your packaging machine calling us (+39 0445 575111), through our SPS service or sending us an email. Go to SPS page. Go to CONTACTS page.
Spare Parts Service is the online area for Imanpack spare parts purchasing where you will find any suggested part for your machine. Click here.
Access SPS through our website or through For your first access you will be asked to register.
You can find your customer code on the header of invoices, orders or offers you received from Imanpack Packaging & Eco Solutions. Click on the question mark in the login page to see this suggestion.
The suggested parts are displayed once you access SPS. Click here.
You can get another copy of the handbook through SPS, our platform for the spare parts purchasing.
SPS has a user friendly interface that, after the registration, will display all your machines and their serial number.

Access by this link: Click here.
Prompt delivery is ensured for consumer products (teflon, sealing wires, knives, belts etc.).
Other parts, including customized ones, may have variable delivery times. We suggest you to contact us using the Contact page.
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  • Imanpack Packaging & Eco Solutions Spa
  • Via Lago di Bolsena, 19
  • 36015 Schio (VI) Italy
  • +39 0445 578811

Business hours

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 12:15 / 14:00 – 17:45
  • Saturday – Sunday: closed

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