Counting modules suitable to count screws, nails, rivets and other hardware in pre-set quantity. CMS10 is used to count head screws while CMF5 is specific for flat products.

• Torsional electromagnetic vibrator diam. Ø 350-900 mm.
• Bowl for flat products, for head screws or Habasit-lined.
• Electronic panel with modular cards.
• Modules controlled by Imanpack microprocessor.
• Photoelectric light barrier to count products.
• Motorized transport belt with different speeds to select products; container with two adjustments for product selection (CMF5).
• Sloping conveyor with photocell for product overload detection; rotating plate for screws complete with anti-stop clutch (CMS10).
• Optional Check-weigher and Zero Defect systems.
• Easily connectable to conveyors, scales and wrappers.
• Machine built according to CE regulations.

Speedup to 100 pieces/min
Installed power1 kW - Voltage 400 V - 3ph + PE
Compressed air6 bar
Air consumption80 l/min

Software for the management and control of packaging machines

The CAESAR software is designed to be integrated with the Imanpack packaging machines. It provides management and control over the entire line via Personal Computer, with both fixed or mobile devices (tablet or smartphone).

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