Continuous vertical bagging machine which performs high-speed bagging of bulk products such as peanuts, hazelnuts, cereals etc., or single products fed by a high-speed selector unit, e.g. ear plugs.
It can be synchronised with volume dispensers, multi-header weighing machines, picking devices.

• Bearing structure in painted steel.
• Cantilever group installation.
• Exceptionally thick aluminium front unit coupling plate.
• Self-centering reel holder unit for reels up to 300 mm wide.
• Adjustable forming machine for bags of different widths.
• Bag length settable via PLC.
• Interchangeable product outfeed forming tube.
• Longitudinal sealing unit with two couples of heat sealingwheels and one folding wheel.
• Rotating transversal sealing unit with one or two heatedspatulas, controlled via PLC.
• Longitudinal and transversal sealing unit drive system withPLC controlled servo motors.
• Accident prevention guards.
• Rockwell Allen Bradley® Contrologic PLC.
• HMI touch screen Hakko.
• Production up to 170 bags/minute.
• Machine built according to CE Standards.

Speedup to 170 bags/min
Electronic platformRockwell Allen Bradley®
Film reel widthup to 300 mm

Software for the management and control of packaging machines

The CAESAR software is designed to be integrated with the Imanpack packaging machines. It provides management and control over the entire line via Personal Computer, with both fixed or mobile devices (tablet or smartphone).

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