As easy as 1-2-3 - Counting and weighing solutions for furniture hardware kit

Are you a furniture company? Are you looking for innovative solutions to ensure zero-defect counting, modularity, sustainability and precision, at every step of your packaging process?

An Imanpack kit-packaging line may include MCWS9 hybrid check weighers/counters and CMF5 and CMS10 high-speed counting modules as well as rotating tables. Our packaging lines offer several advantages and ensure efficient and flexible packaging for a variety of furniture components.

How can Imanpack counting and weighing systems help you achieve excellence in furniture kit packaging?

  1. Zero defects: the perfect furniture kit
    Rigorous quantity control measures ensure zero defects in the number of products in each furniture kit.
  2. Modularity: tailoring packaging to your needs
    Do you need to pack a kit of 4 products or 8? Do you want to add a small leaflet or some parts manually? Not to worry! With Imanpack modular kit counting and packaging lines, you can really have the right machine for your needs.
  3. Paper: sustainable packaging our world
    Imanpack actively promotes sustainability in packaging and offers eco-friendly paper solutions for furniture kit packaging. This not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also resonates with consumers who prioritize environmentally responsible choices.
  4. Outbound weight control: precision in every package
    Care for an additional control, before you ship your kits? With an integrated checkweigher at the packaging machines' output, Imanpack ensures that every package you put on the market adheres to the pre-defined weight standards.

Contact us! We know that the right packaging can make all the difference in terms of efficiency, customer satisfaction and brand perception.

Click play and step into a future of seamless, accurate, and smart packaging for furniture kits.

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