As easy as 1-2-3 - Counting and weighing solutions for screws and fasteners

Do you need to count screws and fasteners, quickly and accurately?

With Imanpack, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Providing the right quantity of hardware products to your customers is a must-do, but it can prove time-consuming, costly and error-prone.

True, but not with us.

With Imanpack high-speed counting modules and weighing machines, you can be sure that your customers will always receive the right number of metallic pieces. Screws, nuts, washers, bolts: you name it.
No matter what your product is, we have the right solution for your product count and weight.

Your needs? Our solutions:

1.    Highly versatile counting modules CMF5
For applications involving screws, nails, rivets, washers, nuts and various hardware items, come in all shapes and sizes, we offer the  high versatility CMF5 counting module. And if you are looking for performance, we can fine-tune its construction in different shapes, e.g.: cilindrical, conical or stepped modules, depending on your product.

2.    High-speed counting module for screws CMS10
Thanks to its high-speed exit slide (selection channel) and its revolving counter, it is our fastest (and yet very accurate) solution for specific types of screws and fasteners.

3.    Accurate hybrid counting / checkweighing machine MCWS9
Not your usual counting machine: with the MCWS9 you will be able to very accurately dose higher quantities (from 50 pieces) of small and medium size hardware. Its hybrid functioning ensures that the preset dose is delivered efficiently and at the highest possible speed.

4.    Rotating table
For some cylindrical, long products, a rotating table can be just right: steady and fast, it relies on centrifugal speed to shoot out (in a controlled way!) your metal components.

There are several reasons why you might want to improve your counting and weighing process.
Here are some:

Slash the risk of double counting:
The container settings, the variable speed control of the supplied conveyor belt and our use of a revolver, ensure a suitable distance between the products, allowing precise control of the number of products, and reducing the risk of double counting.

Intuitive interface:
The user-friendly PLC control option ensures quick and easy system set-up for entering counting parameters and monitoring the counting process: touch-screen controls, intuitive user interface menus and real-time feedback. 

Packaging line integration:
The versatility and adaptability of our counting/weighing systems allow them to be integrated with other machines or processes upstream (production), as well as downstream, e.g.: bags, pouches, cartons and boxes, KLT and blisters). Tap on the potential of scalability and efficiency improvements!

Tailoring solutions to your unique products:
Whether your company is involved in logistics, hardware manufacturing or wholesale/distribution, automotive, retail or DIY, our machines offer countless opportunities in counting, weighing and packaging.

Check here our video:

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts.

Counting and weighing: As easy as 1-2-3 with Imanpack!

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