MCWS2 system for fittings

Within the Imanpack weighers range you can find machines suitable to dose items from small pieces like screws to large fittings. We can provide the most suitable machine for each of them, always combining accuracy and speed.

This system with MCWS2 is made to dose hydraulic fittings and fill previously shaped carton boxes. A vibrating hopper and a conveyor belt feed the weigher. The machine has two dosing devices, the vibrating chutes measuring the amount of product to attain the pre-dose and a counting device for an accurate finishing of the dose. The whole dose is dropped in the boxes on the underlying roller conveyor. Lastly, boxes are labelled and sent to the next step.

Visit our YouTube channel to see our dosing systems with weighing and counting machines for fittings, screws, fasteners, electrical equipment, kits and more.

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