Micropac PRO - Rotary flow-wrapper

The Micropack flow-wrapper is one of the most successful Imanpack's machines, that over the years has met the needs of hundreds of customers and wrapped every kind of product.

Now Micropac is renewed and becomes Micropack PRO

Not just a new, neat and functioning design, but also new and efficient brushless motorizations. 

Micropack uses heat sealing or polyethilene films suitable to wrap a wide range of products: food, plastic, hardware and more, maintaining the versatility that has always distinguished the Micropac.

Like each Imanpack packaging machine it is customizable according to customer's needs and product to be packed and can be integrated with different accessories, such as loaders and labellers. 

The standard version is made of painted steel. It is also available a full inox version to be used in the food industry or for other specific applications.
It can also be connected to automated production lines.

View the specifications of Micropack PRO.

Micropac PRO: a new machine, our usual quality.

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