Video - Packing and palletizing line for welding wire

We have recently built a large machinery for packing and palletizing suitable for welding wire including flow-wrapper and shrink tunnel, cartoning machine and palletizing station with robot, pallet magazine and roller conveyor. First of all, reels are wrapped in polyethylene film with the Venus Plus flow-wrapper. Wrapped reels pass through a shrink tunnel to make the film perfectly adhere to the product. Next, the cartoning machine MCTN2000 inserts the reel into a carton box and seals it by means of hot-melt glue. At last, the palletizer robot picks the boxes up and arranges the pallet in the desired layout.

Imanpack designs and builts custom flow-wrappers, cartoning machines and palletizing systems for any product and needs. Learn more visiting our YouTube channel.

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