Video - Servoflex Intermittent flow-wrapper

Medical products and other special items put us to the test to develop custom solutions for products to be wrapped in accordance with specific regulations. The expertise gained in tens of years allows us to meet the needs of our customers working in the medical devices industry in the best possible way.

We present here a flow-wrapper mod. Servoflex Intermittent for medical kits packaging. Kits may include syringe, mask, coat and other items. Products are carried by the conveyor or loaded into a loading bucket with pneumatic drive. Kits are wrapped in polyethylne film with precut to ease opening.

We can provide many different machines suitable for the medical industry: flow-wrappers, vertical wrappers, cartoning machines and more, to properly wrap masks, gloves, tets tubes, plasters etc. Take a look at our YouTube channel to see some of our solutions for the medical industry and for many other industries.

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