Video - Tyre valves packaging line

Counting/packaging lines with counting modules and vertical packaging machine have several application for a wide range of products to be wrapped in a kit. The automotive industry offers some interesting possibilities, as for these tyre valves.

These kits include three pieces, thus the line has three CMF5 counting modules selecting one piece at a time. Two components are collected by the bucket conveyor, while the third is directly sent to the vertical packaging machine Microvert PRO 200. This machine makes polyethylene bags and each is checked by a checkweigher. Regular bags are counted to fill carton boxes carried by the roller conveyor. The box changing is enabled when a box is filled with the exact number of bags, sending it to the exit conveyor and allowing the nexr box to reach the filling station.

Imanpack is highly specialized in counting/packaging systems for hardware/kit and automotive products. Visit our YouTube channel to view more examples of our packaging systems.

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