Video - Wrap Around cardboard

Some products need more than just a polyethylene/polypropylene bag, like these large bearings for whom an additional carton package is required. After being wrapped in vacuum packs by the Moonlight flow-wrapper these products are ready to be packed in carton boxes.

Wrap Around is a cardboard wrapping machine that picks up flat carton from the magazine, places the product on it and bends flaps through mechanical contrast, as for the top of the box, or through pneumatic pushers, as for side flaps. Flaps are sealed by hot-melt glue.
Just a few ajdustmets are required to set the machine up for a different sized box, according to the bearing to be packed.

Imanpack can provide a full range of machines for carton forming and hadling: box forming machines, box closing machines, robots and palletizing systems suitable for any kind of product and to be connected with upsteam and downstream existing machines.

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