IMANPACK Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.a. promotes an open corporate culture based on ethics, transparency, and responsibility, inspired by our guiding values: trust, integrity, courage, passion, and inclusion. For this reason, IMANPACK Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.a. provides internal channels for reporting to the Supervisory Body information concerning personnel of IMANPACK Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.a. and/or third parties regarding violations of laws and regulations and the current system of rules and procedures in IMANPACK Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.a. These channels are not available for commercial complaints or disputes and requests related to personal interests.

Through the active and responsible participation of employees and third parties, reporting any non-compliant behaviors allows the company to identify irregularities promptly and implement necessary corrective actions, preventing potential economic or reputational damage.

Who can report? Anyone can submit a report, even anonymously: employees, former employees, job candidates, partners, customers, suppliers, consultants, collaborators, shareholders, and, more generally, anyone with a legitimate interest in the business activities of IMANPACK Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.a. The report must be adequately detailed, containing sufficient information to verify the reported facts (e.g., details identifying the individuals involved, context, location, and timeframe of the reported events, and supporting documentation).

How to report? A report can be submitted through:

- The Whistleblowing Portal, in written and vocal form, designed to ensure the confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity through the use of secure protocols and encryption. At the end of the submission, the Portal provides a Unique Identification Code that allows checking the processing status and sending/receiving communications (even anonymously).

- Email to the address

- Regular mail to the Supervisory Body addressed to the company's legal headquarters. Anyone receiving a report, in any form (written or oral), must promptly transmit it, within 7 days of receipt, through the mentioned channels to the relevant Supervisory Body, providing simultaneous notice of the transmission to the whistleblower (if known) and ensuring absolute confidentiality.

How are reports handled? Reports are received by the Supervisory Body of IMANPACK Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.a., which relies on the support of the company's legal department for investigative inquiries. Within 7 days of receipt, an acknowledgment of receipt will be issued, and within 3 months from that notice, feedback on the action taken or intended to be taken in response to the report will be provided.

Confidentiality and Protections Guarantee Legislative Decree No. 24 of March 10, 2023 (transposing European Directive 2019/1937 on Whistleblowing) introduced a unified regulation of reporting channels and protections for whistleblowers in the public and private sectors. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed to the whistleblower, facilitator, and individuals involved in the report. In the case of anonymous reports, it is not possible to trace the identity of the whistleblower. Any form of personal or professional retaliation due to the report is not allowed or tolerated. All personal data processing complies with privacy regulations. Read the privacy policy.